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Lacheln Designs is a graphic and web design business tailored for Christian ministries, businesses, and individuals, and most specifically, gospel music artists.  Using innovative techniques, Lacheln provides contemporary and sophisticated design for websites, CD artwork, brochures, flyers, business cards, table skirts, posters, book covers – you name it!  Contact Taylor for your next project.

“The website looks AWESOME! I put it on our Facebook pages, and have gotten several replies already – all RAVING!” —JR

“Taylor has wonderful skill in website design. She is able to blend photos with text and desired functionality to achieve a finished product that is visually appealing and intuitive to use. We couldn’t be happier with the end product! On top of all that, Taylor is a wonderful young lady who is great to work with. We highly recommend her for website and other graphical design work.”Brad Alzen, TheAlzenFamily.com

“Taylor is an awesome designer! She has designed all of our websites, brochures, business cards, posters, CD covers, promotional material, etc. With fresh creativity, Taylor will customize most anything your business/ministry will need to stay out front in your industry. She is timely, detailed, and stays on top of current designing trends. Her work has a distinctive flair that garners many compliments. We are so very pleased with her work and recommend her graphic design services. She does a great job – just ask us!” —David and Kris Garms, TheGarmsFamily.com



I am learning to decrease while Christ increases, so I will attempt to introduce myself without self-centered promotion or subtle boasting!  (Do you know how much of a challenge it is?)

My name is Taylor Garms, and I am the third child of David and Kris Garms.  Our family of ten lives primarily in a comfortable home amidst the swamps of Braham, Minnesota, though several members now live away from home.  Those who are still at home are involved in music ministry and travel across the United States as The Garms Family (we love Southern Gospel, with several other genres mingled in for variety).

I am a grateful 2010 homeschool graduate (what a privilege homeschooling was and is!).  Photoshop is almost always running on my MacBook Pro.  I enjoy writing books (they are never seen by anyone other than the other members of the “Hooded Authors Club”) and songs to encourage the church.  Besides these, I love drawing with pencils, dabbling in photography, and cooking up spicy meals for my family (if you dare, ask about my famous fried potatoes!).  And, as an extroverted introvert, I like to talk and spend time with those I love.

People have labeled me everything from “fundie” to “liberal”, but I prefer to be simply known as a follower of Christ.

‘Nuff said.



EMAIL: taylor@lachelndesigns.com  PHONE: 763.291.5010

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